Installing NuPIC with Cap'n'Proto on Windows


I’m having some trouble getting NuPIC installed on Windows 7 using MSYS2. It is imperative that I have pycapnp working – which it is under MSYS2. I’ve tried installing Cap’n’Proto using Visual Studio 2015 but it installed the ‘lite’ version which doesn’t support the dynamic API and cannot be used with pycapnp. Perhaps I did that installation wrong? Has anyone gotten the full Cap’n’Proto (and pycapnp) installed using Visual Studio?

Alternatively, when trying to install NuPIC under MSYS2 with “pip install nupic”, it fails with:

“Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement nupic.bindings==1.0.0 (from nupic) (from versions: 1.0.1)
No matching distribution found for nupic.bindings==1.0.0 (from nupic)”

Trying to install nupic.bindings separately with “pip install nupic.bindings” results in this message:

“Exception: Platform ‘msys’ is unsupported!”

Any suggestions?

The nupic library is setup up to use the lite version on Windows and not install pycapnp. Cap’n Proto (C++ library) can be used without lite mode with the latest VS but I’m not sure the status of pycapnp. It may be that we could start supporting the pycapnp integration on Windows, but it isn’t something we are actively looking into. It would be great if someone had time to look into it though.

@lscheinkman pointed out to me that the error seems unrelated to the capnp questions. And msys shouldn’t matter since we distribute precompiled wheels for 32 and 64 bit Windows on the Python Package Index as you can see here:

Perhaps you can try downloading the wheel from the link and manually installing and then retry the nupic install?

It could be that the Windows extensions don’t work under the msys environment. We don’t support that environment so you’d have to try to debug it on your own or switch back to Windows native and have the pycapnp issue to figure out.

Thanks for your suggestions. Everything I’ve tried on Windows has not worked so I’m switching to a Linux environment to hopefully have some better luck.