Does nupic work on windows?

I generally use Visual Studio (in Windows) for my programming projects. It now works with Python, and there is a version of C++ that it can handle. What version of nupic do I install? I looked at GitHub, and downloaded a zip file, but the instructions seem to be for unix (for example: “pip install nupic [–user]”).
In other words, for a dot-net programmer, how do I start with nupic?

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The short answer is yes, nupic works on Windows.

On Windows, nupic’s new capnproto-based serialization isn’t supported due to lack of Windows support by pycapnp. Therefore, only legacy nupic serialization is available on Windows.

The nupic package itself is pure python, but it relies on nupic.bindings and other packages that make use of python extensions. The CI system builds both 32 and 64-bit versions of nupic.bindings for Windows (from nupic.core github repo). For further details, see and

Both nupic and nupic.bindings for Windows are presently built/tested using Appveyor. For further details of those builds, see appveyor.yml scripts in numenta’s nupic and nupic.core github repos.