How to set up mysql for nupic

I have recently installed nupic on ubuntu 15 with the help of the youtube video. After trying to run the hot gym tutorial i have issues when using the, after reading
Problems using a Nupic example (Hotgym)
I think my issue is that MySQL is not set up for me but I can’t find anywhere to help me to get it working. Thanks for your help.


Hello, which version of Ubuntu are you using? 15.10+? If so, it might be pretty difficult to install it…at least that was my experience. What I ended up doing is using Ubuntu14.04 instead…that installation takes about five minutes to complete.

I believe when you follow one of the tutorials for installing NuPIC, there is a part where you install MySQL, did you do that? If so, did you press enter when the password prompt from MySQL popped up or did you enter a password? If you entered a password, then you would need to modify another file in order to let NuPIC know about your MySQL password and login, or you can just remove the MySQL password. Maybe you can try running MySQL: mysql -u root .The command “mysql” doesn’t just work on my computer but -u root allows it to run, there is also an easy way to reset your password if you forgot or to just get rid of it by using the mysql -u root -p command and then entering a couple of commands into MySQL.

Thanks, I will try installing ubuntu 14.04 instead,
I had pressed enter without entering a password however I only installed MySQL after having installed nupic and wasn’t sure how to set the make nupic set its needs. Thanks for your help. I’ll let you know how I go.

I’m not sure if you’re already running a virtual machine but you should, because reinstalling a whole operating system each time can be tedious: this is the best one, you can click to download free trial, but it never expires

Thanks for the virtual machine tip. I wasn’t doing that, but I will now.

If you need any help setting up the virtual machine, you can ask me.

By the way, once it’s installed you can follow this tutorial:

This is the video from the tutorial:

It’s really easy, just enter all the commands that are listed on the wiki page and you should be good.

Woo hoo, I’m now the owner of a virtual machine with ubuntu 14 which has a completly installed Nupic and Nupic core. Thanks heaps for your help. Now I can crack into the examples and get learning.
Thanks again.

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I recommend trying out the hotgym demo, it can predict the energy output of a gym. And you can modify it to virtually do anything.

To run it: "cd nupic/examples/opf/clients/hotgym/prediction/one_gym"
then run “python” and wait for it to swarm over the hotgym data
And finally “python --plot” to see the output