Howkings, J. et al. (2016) Biological and Machine Intelligence (BaMI)


Hello, Studying the respective digital book, it was not possible to see the following images:

  • HTM Overview section:
    (i) “Figure 2 a) real brain b) logical hierarchy (placeholder)” ;
    (ii) “Figure 3 a) brain with information flowing posterior to anterior b) logical hierarchical stack showing old brain regions and neocortical regions (placeholder)”; and
    (iii) “Figure 4. showing sensory & motor command inputs to the neocortex (block diagram) (placeholder)”.

  • Sparse Distributed Representations section:
    (i) “Figure 9: Visualization of an SDR in the brain (placeholder)”.

Could someone provide the update of this work with the respective images? Or would you know the references where I can find them?