HTM Chat: Gitter vs Slack vs nothing?

Did you know we have an HTM chat channel on Gitter? It is hardly ever used. Maybe it is time to try something else.

What should we use for live HTM chat?

  • Keep Gitter
  • Switch to Slack
  • Switch to some other chat channel (please comment)
  • Abandon chat altogether and just use HTM Forum

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Well here’s the HTM Community Slack channel if anyone wants to give it a whirl. Looks like nobody is interested in using Gitter anymore, so I’ll probably shut it down.

Message or email me if you want an invitation to the channel (give me your email address).

How ironic that Slack is down just now :stuck_out_tongue:

Tibor Vass

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hey everybody the water is fine everybody jump in

Matt, slack is telling me something about an invite:

Don't have an account on this workspace yet?
Contact the workspace administrator for an invitation

Can I use only one workspace with one email? I’m asking because I’m already subscribed with another workspace.

Christian I just sent you an invitation. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’m in!

I started working on HTM recently and interested to join the slack channel. Can you please send me an invitation to ?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Telegram, please! It’s really good

Guys, I shut down the slack channel due to the fact that hardly anyone was using it. @blue2 created an IRC channel: Make IRC Great Again