HTM Hackers' Hangout - Oct 4, 2019

9AM Pacific

Sorry for the short notice! What else should we talk about? Here is my agenda:

  • what the this meeting even about?
  • Keeping up with Numenta (quick timeline)
  • complain about python 2 EOL
  • Cisek and affordances vs objects
  • upcoming podcasts
  • research update!

Just a reminder that we’ll start this meeting in about 20 minutes. It is live now if you just want to come chat.

The meeting recording will be available on YouTube later.

I’m sorry but is there any way to just watch it rather than joining it?

Not live, sorry. You’ll have to wait for the recording later today.

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Will be available here as soon as it is finished processing:

Sorry to @hsgo! I turned the stream back on because Lucas was available, then Mark joined. :frowning:

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Collected Bitking forum ramblings (Yes - shameless self promotion!):

Referenced paper:
How neurons make meaning: brain mechanisms for embodied and abstract-symbolic semantics - Friedemann Pulvermu ̈ ller

BlenderNEURON link:

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