HTM in relation to Neuro Marketing

How can we measure and interpret many variables related to activation in the mind (emotions, rationality, feeling and instinct) to biometrical variables like heartbeat, temp, blood pressure. There is also the personal experience and motivation part of course that we have to take seriously. Point to take into consideration is also who will be doing the marketing scan and why. This is the short version of course but very curious to hear what your thoughts are and how you can help.

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I moved this from #other-topics:business here to #htm-hackers because this is not a business-related topic.

While I think there’s potential for HTM systems to analyze biometrics in real-time, I don’t really know what “neuro marketing” is, so I’m not sure how to respond.

Hi Matt, Many thanks for your response. Appreciate the time and effort.

Within Neuro Marketing we are trying to measure biometric response of a
person. Behaviour of the eyes, voice, body (temp, heartrate, blood
pressure). But also and that’s the most challenging part, the response of
certain areas of the brain when people see or hear of feel
something/anything. How can we objectively measure the association someone
has with a certain product or event.

Within neuro marketing we are trying to develop a platform in which we can
create an environment to develop a better look and feel of a product, how
to organize your store, marketing campaign etc (is that person really an
Obama fan? Or is she only saying that?). HTM can be, in my strongest
believe, the engine under the hood. When we can find and create sensors
(not only EEG or fMRI scans) which can measure certain biometrical data
(also of the brain) and we can, together with you, develop a platform which
can learn and help us find trends of information about what a certain kind
of colour does to a certain kind of product and maybe also why.

I believe Mr Hawkins sometimes mentions: we learn how people think, feel,
react and respond on certain inputs. Now we learn why, how and what we have
to do to create the perfect picture or feel good moment. It’s a big step
but again HTM is the only method I believe is able to be developed to do
this. We are creating the future of marketing, big time, if we can start
creating this platform.

I am working in a small team, a computer scientist (experience with
building neural networks) and a marketing guru here in the Netherlands. But
we need help to bring our thoughts, ideas and feelings to the next level.

Hope this helps and looking forward to receive your respond.

Have a nice day Matt and thanks again.

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With regards to analyzing biometrics, I do believe HTM is very applicable here, and that there are possible applications that could be built with today’s HTM tech to identify things like irregular heartbeat and other anomalies in a human’s biological condition. The point we are at right now is identifying which data streams are applicable to HTM and trying them out. We’ve had several people create HTM hackathon projects around biometric data like:

  • accelerometer data from a sensor on the body
  • EEG data classification
  • EKG heartbeat anomalies

So the possibility is there, but still in the infancy of applications.