HTM lisencing for cloud providers

I had a look at the commercial licensing options and the wording there (“problem domain”, “expected benefits”, “Proof of Concept”) is antithetical to the provisioning of cloud ML services along the lines of Amazon SageMaker or Google Cloud TPU.

Cloud computing expects concerns of selection of problem domain and fitness for a particular purpose to be separate from implementation and operation of the computation.

Anticipating an HTM industry where the provisioning of all-purpose HTM computing is orthogonal to its application to specific domains, how does Numenta intend to structure its licensing? Do (a) the HTM service provider, or (b) the service consumer or (c) both require a license?

With current industry practices in mind, how could the licensing document be reworded. Thank you.

NB. cloud licensing concepts would have to cover edge computing / fog
computing services where the computation physically runs –
decentralized – on the service consumer’s hardware at the consumer’s
premises but is deployed and managed in a centralized way by the service

Our base commercial license includes a license to the cloud service provider with a right to sublicense to an end customer, so the service provider pays a license but his/her end customer does not. We are happy to customize a license in other ways if this structure does not fit the specific situation, but it’s our default case.

Interesting, thanks.