HTM School Episode 4: SDR Sets & Unions

What should I do next?

  • Encoders
  • Spatial Pooling

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OMG! That was sooooooooo good! It really brought the elusive formulas for SDRs; and the known and often touted “benefits” of SDRs - right home! Excellent work Matt! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you’ve put in to bringing these concepts to the layperson in an accessible and fun way! Kudos!


Yes encoders are the most logical next step in the progression imo. Also I would bet anything that your SpatialPooling conversation will need to refer back to the setup offered by the encoding step?

Matt (@rhyolight) Taylor…

I christen thee:

NMDA Spike Lee!


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Hi Matt, please go for Encoders, really interested to know how you can transform numerical data into SDR. And please if possible a higher frequency of uploads would be nice. Awesome job so far. Cheers!


I started with the goal of publishing one video every Friday, but it became pretty obvious that I could not keep up with that pace. I still have a lot of other jobs! Shooting for once every other Friday at this point, even though this one was late.

Great work Matt.
Of course, SP is a more interesting thing to talk, but it would be more sense to go with encoders after SDR.

@klimov.ns Is right. When I asked for Encoders first, it’s not because I find it more interesting - it’s a known quality of learning that if you skip material or go out of order, that you hinder the effectiveness of the learning process.

Votes are in “NMDA Spike Lee”!

Get crackin’!

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P.S. This was a comment made purely in jest… I know how busy you are!

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Planning to have the next episode done next Friday, hopefully. I can’t promise anything. I need to create a completely new visualization for encoders.

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Please read above :wink: That comment was made purely for fun…

Nicely done!

btw, your union discussion is basically Bloom Filters.



Yep! From How do neurons operate on sparse distributed representations? A mathematical theory of sparsity, neurons and active dendrites:


Good job Matt. These videos are quite a bit easier to swallow than the previous “introduction to nupic” videos. I wish the complete set were available today!