HTM School Episode 6: Datetime Encoding


Very nice Matt. I’ll say it again, its been really nice to see all of the concepts laid out in front of us and to be able to visualize the different HTM components. Thanks again for another great addition!

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Thanks for the video, Matt. A question about the date encoder as implemented in Nupic’s OPF, when we specify an encoder using names like 'timestamp_weekend' and 'timestamp_timeOfDay', does the OPF internally concatenate these encodings like in the video? I ask because I was reading the source and couldn’t find where this happened:

Yes @Jonathan_Mackenzie it does. In the constructor of the DateEncoder, it creates one periodic scalar encoder for each semantic meaning (depending on the input options). This is just like the example I showed in the video. I did mine in JavaScript, but I copied this code very closely: