HTM School Video Review

I’m loving this video series, thank you for putting these together. I’m on episode 7 (Spacial Pooling). Unfortunately, with life being crazy busy, by the time I get to a new episode, quite a bit of the previous information has been lost.

Is there, or could there be, a short written recap of the contents of each episode? Something around a paragraph or two each that hits every major point in the video and any smaller key bits. That would greatly help in consolidating the information.

If this exists, please point the way!

If not, is anyone interested in putting something together?

(Of course, if others feel this would be a benefit but no one can do it, I will, but like I said, time, etc., etc.)


:fist_right: :fist_left: Thank you!

There is a short summary page here: (I see that there are two missing episodes… I’ll have to get that updated.)

Also, I am working on Building HTM Systems (WIP Document). Here, I plan on covering all the same material as HTM School, but with interactive visualizations and code examples. I have just gotten back to working on it.


Awesome, just what I was looking for; thank you!

Sounds like the Building HTM Systems project will pretty sweet. Keep us updated!