No new HTM School this Friday

I must retract a statement I made earlier this week on YouTube:

The next HTM School video on Spatial Pooling will be published next Friday, Aug 12.

There will be no HTM School episode this week. I am still working on it, and hope to have it published by next Friday, Aug 19.

I try to push a new episode of HTM School every other Friday, but I’ve been failing at this recently. There are several reasons for this.

  1. As we progress into deeper parts of HTM Theory, the concepts become more complex and take longer to visualize.
  2. I only spend about 50% of my work time on educational materials like HTM School (the other 50% is spent on internal Numenta priorities, open source project management tasks, community-building work, and helping answer questions on this forum).
  3. Even though I’ve had a general understanding of HTM theory for years, this is my first experience uncovering the intricate details of these algorithms. I, too, am experiencing a learning curve.
  4. In order to show the internal cellular state of the algorithms, I’ve had to do some serious backend work to snapshot the cellular and synaptic state of the system at each time step, making them accessible over HTTP for the web browser visualizations I’ve been creating.

While I recognize that a consistent production schedule is very important for YouTube channels, I value the quality and historical accuracy of these videos more than timeliness. I would rather spend another extra week getting the material in a state I’m comfortable with than release a mediocre HTM School episode.

My apologies, but please stay tuned for future episodes, which will continue to be released on Fridays in the future (I’m just not so sure which Fridays :wink:).



Agreed. It’s much more important to get it right and keep the current high standard. These are going to be useful for plenty of time to come!

Keep up the good work!


Creating is incredibly complex and time consuming. What you’re doing is valuable and worth the time to get right. Everything you produce is a gift to the rest of us, so we’re grateful for what you’ve done and what you do and you’re never under any obligation to make any more or have anything done at any certain time. With that said, the things you’re producing are immensely valuable, so whatever time table is most conducive is the one to follow.


On no!!! Its going to be such a long week now! But best not to rush - the work that goes into this seems huge and it is greatly appreciated. There are so many things that I haven’t been able to wrap my head around until I started attending HTM School. Thanks so much for your efforts with this!