HTM School Temporary Hiatus

TL;DR: I’m taking a break from creating HTM School videos. I have other work I need to focus on. I will continue as planned once that work is complete.

When I started making HTM School, my plan was to produce a few videos and see if people wanted more. I’ve produced 9 episodes of HTM School at this point, which has take the majority of my work hours for the past 6 months:

I have plans for produce several more episodes in the future to cover more topics like:

  • SP Inhibition & Topology
  • SP Boosting / Bursting
  • Temporal Memory
  • Extracting predictions with classifiers
  • Anomaly scores and likelihoods
  • OS HTM Implementation Overview

But, I’m not going to work on them right away. In addition to my role as HTM educator, I am also the OS project manager for NuPIC. I need to take a break from this work to focus on some engineering and project management tasks for NuPIC like these:

  • Help execute and document new Bamboo release process for NuPIC / NuPIC Core
  • Create NuPIC Regression Tests Bamboo job to replace Travis-CI job
  • Complete switch from Travis-CI / AppVeyor build system to Bamboo build system
  • Release “NuPIC Core” 1.0 cleanly in a way people can extend with SWIG bindings
  • Improve build automation to include linting and code coverage reports on PRs

These tasks will benefit the NuPIC codebase, the contribution process, and the OS community interested in running NuPIC. Some of them I’ve been putting off for far too long.

I hope you all are not too disappointed in this pause in your regularly scheduled programming. :wink: But I’ll be back with gusto once I’ve made some progress on these other matters.


Do what you gotta do man! These videos have been truly awesome. I’m really
excited for the next episode on topology and the rest of them at whatever
time they come out. Thanks again


It’s amazing that you can now teach a class and thousands of people can show up, and all people who chose to be there even. I have videos I’d like to make that my other projects are distracting me from too. Do your things, everyone will be really excited when you’re able to put time into this again.


Your videos are quite good, the visualisations are especially helpful, can’t wait for you to get back to making them!

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I am impatient for the next episode, but I respect the need to balance priorities!

I just want to chime in how much I appreciate the time and effort that you have put into these videos.
They are incredibly illustrative.
I would be willing to pay for videos of this quality (your amazing intro jokes included lol) !


It seems to me that creating the visualizations for the episodes takes a huge amount of time. Is that something that the community can help you with?

Add the link to the JS code for the episodes in your post.

I posted them here earlier this Spring:

@rikkertkoppes If you want to help, you can help with this:

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That is right in the middle of my expertise. Will have a look tue evening (cet)

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@rikkertkoppes that would be really great! I’ve been having issues with py/nupic on my Windows computer. Front-to-back JS would be awesome! Could a nupic js version also be used?

Sure. There is a pseudo-REST protocol between client and server. You could swap out the nupic-history-server component for something else as long as it can process the same HTTP requests.

Would be ok as an alternative template system? Obviously templating could not be used anymore

I could shove in dust or handlebars as well

EDIT: just noticed the client uses handlebars, so makes sense to do the server part on handlebars as well


Added a pull request. Ready for testing! :slight_smile:

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