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Just wanted to share this sketch I did, tying to get the basic representation structure of a current HTM region into a snapshot.


Very interesting! I love seeing different takes on abstract visualization. One suggestion… I read this from top to bottom, so I had to get all the way to the bottom and read back up to understand the top rows in context. If you reversed the order and put the raw stream on top, I think I would have understood with one pass down the graphic.

I do understand this makes the correlations between the rows trickier because we tend to visualize HTM neurons in a certain way too. :man_shrugging:


This is just amazing! One of my biggest struggles when using nupic is to keep this snapshot of relationships between HTM components in my mind, while at the same time learning the nupic library. When coding, most of the time my mind only remembers the 2 inner rows (column sdr, encoding). Now, I have a clearer picture and I will print this for sure :blush: . Thanks a lot.


Hey @rhyolight good point. here’s a second flipped version.


You’re very welcome @Jose_Cueto, that’s awesome to hear :smile:.