In the context of HTM how does the prefrontal cortex, and thus it’s associated functions, work?

I know the basics of HTM and how it functions, but can’t figure out how something like that would work to create things like working memory and planning. Not saying it can’t, just that can’t figure out how it would be wired together to create such a system. I imagine that an HTM-based artificial prefrontal cortex would have a lot of feedback connections and create something akin to a multimodal sequence generator, with that sequence acting as the “stream of thought”.
Anyone have any thoughts on how such a system could be made?

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I don’t think it’s claimed to do that. HTM looks like a basis for sequential memory, SDR as the data structure, parallel columns suggesting parallel computation. Place cells go in there somewhere. No sign of world models, but SM does suggest a means of projecting models forward and backward in time.