Introducing nupic.torch

We recently made public. It is python3 compatible and does not require nupic at all. Please enjoy! See the examples for details about usage. Thanks @lscheinkman and @subutai. This is an example of an Application of HTM in today’s ML frameworks.


Oh !! This is great. Thank you Matt.

I have installed nupic.torch from github. But when I want to run example model with python3.6 from
I get errors:
File “/var/union-classifier/”, line 3, in
from nupic.encoders.scalar import ScalarEncoder
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘nupic’
What I do wrong?

Sergey, you are running the wrong tutorial. If you want to run nupic.torch, you do not need to install NuPIC. Just follow the readme in the nupic.torch repo.