Is Elon Musk the source of all evil?

I have to answer your question Falco. To my knowledge little of this is true. Plural because a woman named Leslie asked me to do a job. She supposedly works with a team. Supposedly. Is that sufficient (it’s off topic?) I think she is a thief.


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I would focus on construction and creation.

Dwelling on destructive activities and negative thoughts has very little future for positive outcomes.

Karma has a way of sorting things out.


My mentor said something very similar. I am just trying to do my tasks and let go of it. It’s all vastly beyond my control and influence. Both being rather toxic. I will just conduct myself peacefully and honourably and try to be a good person. You are right.
From the start, being open source was a strategic counter measure with an ethical flare.

I guess that counts as a question. :joy: It had the squiggly thing on the end.
I agree? I revised the post above with the details.

So enough about it (me.) I am also required to give something back to Numenta. :grin:
And of course it’s going to hurt a little. :slightly_frowning_face:
The only critical failure I see in their work is they are a team covering two domains :v: Neurology and computer science. Plus ops but that is cross cutting :scissors:.
Cognitive science, or at least the development :memo:of AGI, is a cross domain :1234: concern. It’s always unwise to completely abandon the :unamused:preceding paradigm but that always happens.
It’s why post modernism :roll_eyes: ends up being incoherent. :grimacing:
(see what I did there?):wink::thinking:
Here’s an example :nerd_face:, Agile sw dev requires that all stakeholders :japanese_ogre: be at the table :plate_with_cutlery:. Same thing with cog-sci :thought_balloon::microscope:
See :eyes: ? No offense :angry: intended.
(I injected where I was leading but also did this :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2:

which is quite different from the email. So that’s a cludge or hack but it created two different streams. Plus, a third which is an edit occurring days later. It’s why moderator sw can be kind of tricky. It’s open to human error via attention fatigue also. It has to highlight the changes.
So I converted the Twitter pinned tweet into a type of personal forum. It was really more of a web page format formed of tweets. They are similar. Updating it was a nightmare.

In another task on FB I set up a family archive portal using their permission features. Families are very complex and often large. In terms of privacy and sharing of info within them. Trust.
If we include all of the online formats and apps they all are graphs and mainly DAGs. I have a history in data and computer language conversion and ETL but all of these things are grounded in first principles and can be reduced and transformed.
But hacks have always been a big and necessary thing and are quite interesting.
I hope. Is this of interest here? In my mind this is all closely related to cog-sci. Graphs anyway.
And notably, we are back to talking about me instead of uber awesome Numenta. At least I skipped the coded speech part of the show.
I am comedian as well. Well, I am ten roles at once but that itself is funny. And intentional. Yeah. Twitter Comedians Canada. Lol. I am banned.

Hi Bitking. The site Above Top Secret has what’s called a “mud pit” for topics like this where evidential constraints are more lose or the topic is subjective / opinion / editorial.
I had a similar idea but broader where for example in science it’s divided. IE law and theory etc.
And in free speach sites they could have a handy but viewable garbage can. Maybe break down the various anti social behaviors by category. Lol.
So I have the temporary cheap fix and the proper design. You really want both.
You know I really thought that the idea of meta-sites was going to take off. There’s big money in that idea while having a sound business case for it. Server load is the issue.
It’s not just “meta” it’s multi-dimensional. But hey! I don’t have to tell you that do I?

We should do something. I have a script library created partly for educational purposes. It’s the most basic form of script language you can use but could a powerful abstraction be created with it? Of course.
It takes the MyDefrag Windows app and adds a file type, departmental and physical abstraction layer. It literally speeds up windows in terms of the ever painful platter IO prior to SSD. It worked in there tests so far. Seriously, it speeds Windows up by a few points even on a tuned bug free system. Out of the box for any domain.
But being refactored (needlessly) and it lacks an install (the task manager change esp.) It’s open source. If someone wants to take it on I am going to name it after him. Matt believed in attempting the impossible. As does Numenta.
I can’t handle the task but I’ll even give the rights away provide his name is never removed. It should be open source though obviously. I imagine your friend would do the same.
I don’t know what to call it. I don’t like “defrag”. The Taylor Disk Optimizer? You people should decide.