Is it mandatory to have MySQL Server if I do not want to run swarming again?

@rhyolight - I have built a real-time streaming application and am using Numenta. I have set-up the Nupic environment and installed My-sql server. Currently for my dataset, I have finished swarming over it. I save the model parameters and with each new testing data-point I extract out the prediction. Now consider this scenario, I have saved these model parameters file in a different instance and try to get the prediction out of this. But in that set-up if I do not install mysql server, but just the basic nupic setup, then it should not be a problem right ? Because as I understand MySQL is used only during the swarming process to co-ordinate between the different workers to manage the status of the generated models. I believe that after swarming is complete, there is no need of mysql-server.

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That is correct.

Thanks a lot Matt @rhyolight :slight_smile: