Is Location-based framework developed or implemented somewhere in NuPic?

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No, it is in the htmpapers repository. But it is in Python 2 and is not ready for production. Hence a initiative to rebuild it, but I’m still trying to understand the theory.

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I saw that HTM community is developing (or developed) grid cell. Does that relate with this framework or is their grid cell code developed for this framework?

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Which grid cell feature are you referring to? The grid cell encoder is a part of the paper and invented by Numenta. While the paper points out how grid cells can be used in the Neocortex. But grid cells themselves are discovered by scientists in Neuroscience.


I am interesting about whether Numenta or HTM community has implemented this grid cell idea into a computational format. For example, whether there is an implementation of grid cell in NuPic or something others to represent the specific location of an object in a framework.

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I’m not sure what you are looking for. But there’s a few.

Let me know if this is not what you are looking for.


That’s exactly what I am looking for! Thank you so much!