Numenta Research Meeting - October 5, 2020

Niels Leadholm, a visiting researcher, discusses some ideas for further research on how to apply the object recognition implemented in Numenta’s 2019 paper Locations in the Neocortex: A Theory of Sensorimotor Object Recognition Using Cortical Grid Cells to images. In particular, the research would explore whether the strengths of object reference frames and grid-cell encoding can be leveraged in an image-based setting.

Thanks for interesting idea! It is not clear enough for me how he create 5x5 grid cell Modul from a MNIST image. We can encode image using grid cells so for his 64 channels he has to use 64 gridcells modules with different scale, orientation and offsets.
Am I right here?

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I don’t think he utilized any location information or reference frame kind of concepts here.
The SDRs don’t seem to imply true location information.
This just looks like a convolutional spatial pooler to me.

His approach of a standard CNN + k-WTA looks to me like a general strategy to encode arbitrary stimuli for HTM systems, similar to the “SDR classifier” decoder.

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