When the thousands brain theory is going to be implemented?

I just saw the Framework for Intelligence and Cortical Function Based on Grid Cells in the Neocortext.

I always felt that nupic isn’t nearly complete picture.

What’s the time line for next gen software to include new theory?

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It already is. There is github code example of what the paper tackles and the community is putting together a project where a tiny agent is learning the structure of a map

Look up the 2d object learning thread. Exciting stuff

Gridcells paper code: https://github.com/numenta/htmpapers/tree/master/frontiers/location_in_the_neocortex_a_theory_of_sensorimotor_object_recognition_using_cortical_grid_cells


Here’s a link to the actual paper, I don’t think it’s in the github link.

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