Is swarming necessary?

Hello !

After reading On Intelligence and watching Matt Taylor’s series on Youtube, I was excited and ready, or so I thought, to get my hands dirty and use nupic.
Got the dependecies right, installed nupic, prepared a Jupyter notebook… only to get stuck on swarming and JSON ! What is it ? It is really necessary to play with NuPIC ?
I’d like to create a small application, something similar to the sine wave, for starters and have the program observe some data, and learn to predict incoming inputs.

Thanks !!

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Swarming is not necessary, but you have to get your model parameters somewhere. You can either find an example of params for data that is similar to yours and start with that, or you can used our canned anomaly model params. Here is a swarming guide from our API docs. There are already lots of questions about swarming on the forum so be sure to search.