Know nothing about encoders? Want to learn?

I’m looking for some HTM newbies who don’t yet really understand how we encode values into binary arrays. This is an opportunity to learn about encoding and help me with some material I am creating.


  • very basic understanding of HTM theory (bits are neurons, duh)
  • basic programming experience (examples are javascript)
  • basic understanding of linear algebra (scaling)

Once you have read the document, explored the visualizations, and potentially run the sample code, please leave your feedback here in this post (or PM me).

This chapter is a part of a larger document I’m putting together, but it should stand alone as well. Thanks in advance for any constructive criticism.


I’ve implemented them, yet I’m wondering what I may be missing from the topic of:
basic understanding of linear algebra (scaling) ??

@rhyolight Is there a way to test my knowledge so that I know whether or not and what I need to review/revisit/learn?

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Also, I found the idea and integration of the MultiEncoder to be very interesting… Not sure if this is the place to mention it, but the community might find coverage of that in future tutorials a good thing? I know this thread is about theoretical Encoding, but don’t know where to mention it?

Do you know how x = 2y works? :stuck_out_tongue: Then I think you will understand linear scaling :wink:

Yes, there will certainly be a section that mentions merging encodings. I’m not sure I want to go into the level of creating a MultiEncoder class or anything though. I just want to make sure the concept is understood.

I have added a few more sections on encoding:


I had a quick skim but will add my feedback later on here: (others are welcome to use this mechanism if it suits)

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