Laugh Gesture Relationship with Neuroscience When We Learn

My1.5-year-old girl remembers much more comfortably the numbers and alphabet or even other types of games/objects/etc. while playing numbers and alphabet games and when we have fun and when we laught…

I really wonder if this emotion gesture (laugh) has a relationship with neuroscience and brain functionality ?

I think so. Emotions are a part of human experience and generally the richer the experience the better we remember.

I posted some something related to this that focused on the negative reinforcement aspect.
The Amygdala also reinforces positive learning.
One of the basic drives is the exploration of our environment and we clever humans have extended this to “teaching.” Positive social reinforcement is definitely something the amygdala picks up on resulting in enhanced learning. One other factor in learning is relevance - as you explore your environment (be exposed to education) your learning rate is greatly enhanced if you can see personal relevance or utility in the material. When I was teaching this point was driven home to me time and time again and that became a touchstone in reaching and teaching students struggling with the material.