Make SP variation

hi every one ,I am searching for different varieties of the SP algorithm.
dear Matt told me this idea:

change the potential pool logic
change the boosting algorithm
change the initial connection parameters and logic
modify the k-winners calculation to something different

but I do not know what should I do to implement these idea to make another variation of SP. I do not have time to study and …
Could any one please explain more about these ideas and tell me exactly what to do?
For example, how to change the boosting algorithm?
What should I put instead of the k-winners and …?
Could any one please give me the modified code ?
thanks for your kindness

:thinking: It sounds like you are asking the community to do your research for you. If you do not have the time to put into learning these concepts, how can you expect other people to have the time to do it for you? We have plenty of resources so you can learn, model, and implement Spatial Pooling. I’m sure you’ve seen the HTM School videos, I’ve recently pointed you to an interactive example, and there is always BAMI, or you can look through the actual SP code in NuPIC, htm.core, Etaler, or HTM.js.