Michelangelo's Creation of Adam

I was watching Westworld last night and they had a discussion about Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam, drawing to our tension that God and the angels are surrounded by a shape that is exactly the same shape as that of the human brain something I never noticed about that painting - almost intimating that we brought ourselves into being. This is something that many modern day philosophers believe is true because everything lives in language, and we created language… what do you think?


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Interesting question… my thoughts are:

  • I exist (inescapable truth)
  • I am not aware of what is causing me to continue existing


  • One or more other things exist of which I am not aware

Thus, it seems reasonable to assume that something I am unaware of brought me into being (and that I did not bring myself into being)

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You are probably something to do with entropy and random projections.
It’s interesting that no one has come up with a fully convincing explanation for 1/f noise in transistors and many other physical systems. When you listen to 1/f noise from a transistor maybe you are listening to holographic uncertainty in the universe due to the finite amount of information it contains. The other explanation was charge trapping, which I’m not sure I buy into. However you could try something like charge trapping with reservoir computing which would result in information hanging around for a long time.

They say history repeats itself.

Worshiping the golden calf, as in Exodus 32:1-35, illustration from a Bible card published 1901 by the Providence Lithograph Company.