Mini-columns vs columns

I watched the video of HTM school, search in the forum and in differents paper but I still not get the difference between a column and a mini-column. In some place it’s used the word column, in others mini-columns.
Which are the differences?

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in the video of HTM school, both mini-column and column refers to the same column.

Sorry, that is not true. There is a huge different between the minicolumn, which I walk about all through episodes 1-12, and the “cortical column”, which I introduce in episode 13. Re-watch that episode, and you can see how minicolumns exist within one layer within a cortical column (see the animations near the middle of the video, those yellow lines are minicolumns).

Minicolumns are small groups of pyramidal neurons, likely created by inhibitory cells, that all share the same proximal receptive field properties. These minicolumns are activated by spatial pooling and provide a space for the temporal memory algorithm to run.

Cortical columns (or “macro columns”) are much larger, spanning from top to bottom of the neocortex. They include all layers of cortex, some of which contain minicolumns that run through one or more layers.


Maybe this helps?


Thanks a lot, now I understand very well.
I think could be a good idea to write a good explnation also on the “BIOLOGICAL AND MACHINE INTELLIGENCE (BAMI)” because they are misleading. There this explanation is given:

-Column:An HTM region is organized in columns of cells.
-Mini-column: See “Column”.


-Column: An HTM region is organized in columns of cells. The SP operates at the column-level, where a
column of a cells function as a single computational unit.
-Mini-column: See “Column”