Model Param for NAB

When I run the nupic, I optimize the model param by using swarm optimization but I cannot see the numenta_detector in NAB use it.

Where the numenta get the model param?

I saw the this section;

 def _setupEncoderParams(self, encoderParams):
    # The encoder must expect the NAB-specific datafile headers
    encoderParams["timestamp_dayOfWeek"] = encoderParams.pop("c0_dayOfWeek")
    encoderParams["timestamp_timeOfDay"] = encoderParams.pop("c0_timeOfDay")
    encoderParams["timestamp_timeOfDay"]["fieldname"] = "timestamp"
    encoderParams["timestamp_timeOfDay"]["name"] = "timestamp"
    encoderParams["timestamp_weekend"] = encoderParams.pop("c0_weekend")
    encoderParams["value"] = encoderParams.pop("c1")
    encoderParams["value"]["fieldname"] = "value"
    encoderParams["value"]["name"] = "value"

    self.sensorParams = encoderParams["value"]

It seems to me that the code use the fix parameter from “c0_dayOfWeek” for example. Please correct me if I am wrong.

NAB gets anomaly params using a shortcut described here. You should be able to mutate these params after they are created, though.

Thank you @rhyolight.