Neural Network - Invariance and Occlusion


What happens if you change the colors?


What are the inputs? just the pixels or is there some movement/location data as well?

Not my work.
Over the years we have gotten to know each others work.
I have talked about the scanning window at another place and at another
time and then next day it was created. Made me happy the implementation
of concept was pretty close to dead on.

My complete framework will be like this. And will be finished this year. Then to
write final program in C/C++ and Bash.

The last invention:)

What saddens me is when I see work like this, which is done by great older minds, is that it’s just kept locked down, perhaps existing on only one/two computers. If anything happens to the single person who is developing the idea/project, their work goes away with them (like brain drain, except on a human scale). The people these geniuses leave behind usually don’t know what to do with the work or possessions of the genius, and it just goes away.

On one hand I get that desire to want to be known as “the one”, to keep your work secret until it’s “ready”, while on the other hand, I wonder how many geniuses have taken potentially Earth-changing, life-changing ideas with themselves to the grave, simply because they didn’t know how to share?

It’s a bummer to me, and one of the reasons I appreciate the open-source movement… innovation can’t always be a one-man marathon. For bigger issues, it needs to be a relay-race, where folks pass the baton… and maybe even get help carrying the baton at the same time.


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The wonder material that never made it: