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** Consciousness in ERTAS, or in neocortex? **

I’ve been studying Dr. Mark Solms findings that (a) the Freudian ID is conscious; and that (b) (more generally) the seat of Consciousness is in the subcortical structures rather than in the neocortex.

Are you familiar with this debate?
Have you found it to impact your work?

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Several papers from 2013 on this topic are at

A key talk by Mark Solms starts at

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You may find this helpful in learning about this forum:

As far as your question; do you mean like this?

This is a much more detailed exposition of the role of sub-cortical structures:

Numenta is focused on the general cortex algorithm but there are many here with a more general focus.

Good info!

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Well welcome David,

No, and No. But in another thread a couple of (what I would call) daring neuroselfpsychoanalysis experiments are being conducted:

Sounds exciting:

Anything that pertains to causes of various altered states of reality would be helpful towards computationally modeling these states of mind too.

Whether the model is as conscious as we are of itself existing is not for me a modeling issue. I don’t expect this would change behavior of systems producing a sensation of itself, in itself.

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