Neuroscience of Layers 2/3

I understand HTM research is being done on layers 2/3. So far it looks like 2/3 is responsible for temporal pooling from the inputs of layer 4.

I want to research more about this, but it’s difficult to find anything through Google that gives any decent clues. I was hoping knowledge and resources could be shared here for anyone curious about layers 2/3 or temporal pooling.

If you have anything to share on this topic I’d much appreciate it!

I just realized this is very similar to this post, however I think I’m asking something more broad.


I believe this would be the #1 resource to read on this:

Also, there is an outdated whitepaper (PDF) that explains the basics, but some of the algorithms are deprecated (temporal pooling in favor of temporal memory).

Numenta lists all their papers (in the order we prefer them to be read) on our website.