Numenta/Nupic Docker image usage for some system logs swarming and predicting anomaly in the data

I have some system logs with me I want to try NUPIC anomaly detection on it using the Nupic docker image since I was facing some configuration issues while installing Nupic.

I had docker image configured with me and tested the famous example of Hot-gym working fine on it.
Now how can I have anomaly detection on my system logs using docker image.

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Now this code probably doesn’t work with NuPIC 1.0, but from it you can at least see the metrics we chose to monitor with anomaly detection models in the past:

@rhyolight why are these NuPIC versions so unstable?
I had built a sample code-base for current NuPIC anomaly-detection for any sample data using that one-hot-gym example, will share it once accomplished and re-factored.

NuPIC is not unstable, it’s just that this sample application is dependent on NuPIC 0.5.6 (we are at NuPIC 1.0+).

We have a bunch of older example projects we created several years ago. Since then we have focused almost entirely on research again, so they never got updated when we released NuPIC 1.0. There are a few API changes that need to be made, but nothing major. Here is the list, if you are interested in trying:

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