Numenta Office Hour (June 7, 2016)

Come chat live with Numenta co-founder Jeff Hawkins (@jhawkins) , VP of Research Subutai Ahmad (@subutai), and members of the Numenta engineering team. This is a 1-hour live chat event on Google Hangouts. Anyone may join with a webcam and microphone to chat. Or you can just use the Q/A interface to ask questions with your keyboard.

I will post details about the topic soon.


In this office hour, we’re going to address questions about the new sensory-motor inference theory Jeff described here.

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will the “live” office hour video be available afterwards?

Yes. It will be streamed to YouTube and available anytime afterwards.

PS: I moved this post.


Is this supposed to be 6:00pm California Time?

No, it is 4PM CA time. Google knows you’re in Chicago David, so it translates into your time zone. :slight_smile:

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Midnight in Ireland/GB (so Google says).

Join here:

Here is the archive video in case you missed this event.


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