Live Numenta research meetings on Twitch

I have been streaming my work at Numenta lately on Twitch. One part of my regular work is attending research meetings. Although I’m not on the research team, I try to keep up with the direction of ongoing research.

On Monday, I’ll be live-streaming this meeting, so you’ll have a chance to see the raw discussion on the latest theory in real-time. Anyone may watch this live at Monday around 10:15AM PDT. These videos are archived on my Twitch YouTube playlist, so you will be able to see them later as well. If these are popular live events, I’ll continue streaming them.

If anyone joins my Twitch stream, I’ll chat with them and take as many questions as I can, but I won’t be interrupting the actual meeting going on. I actually won’t even be in the same county. You’ll see what I mean on Monday. :wink:


Just a reminder that this live-stream starts in about an hour. If the stream goes well, I’ll continue streaming research meetings when possible. I won’t be posting these events here on #htm-theory anymore. To get updates on when I am streaming on Twitch, follow this topic.

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I wrote a blog post for Numenta about my experience on Twitch. I thought I would share it here. It has been a rewarding experience. Thanks to all of you who have met me in the chatroom and helped me out.

snapshot of twitch live stream