How to track Numenta live streams

Is there a live stream today?

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I know I have jumped back and forth between YouTube and Twitch lately. I’ve decided to use YouTube Live at this point. Here is how to keep track of when live streams are happening.

Is anything live now?

Check this URL:

If a live-stream is happening, you’ll see it live here, and you’ll be able to chat with others in real time. If nothing is live, there will be a countdown to the next scheduled live event so you know when to tune back in.

Scheduled Stream Events

All pre-planned live streams will be listed with as much detail as possible here. This includes Numenta Research Meetings, when I know ahead of time they are sure to happen.

Ad-hoc Live Streams

Sometimes I don’t know very far ahead of time about a live stream. This happens quite a bit for research meetings, because many times the participants are not sure they will have anything to talk about until the day before, or the morning of the meeting. I will also sometimes decide to live-stream something as I have time to do it, or in response to a forum conversation. When this happens, you can still see these streams on the live now URL I listed above, but they will not be listed as a scheduled event, and there will not be a countdown to the stream. To catch these streams, subscribe to our YouTube channel. That way you can get notifications of all live-streams on your device or via email, or however you consume YouTube content.

Otherwise, I always try to post when I am live-streaming on our Discord chat server in the #live-streaming channel.

Where are the archives for live streams?

I have several playlists for live streams:

I hope that helps. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to make these streams as accessible and easy to find as possible.