Numenta Research Meeting - Feb 19, 2020 (Part 1)

This was not live, and I have not watched it yet.


The first half of the meeting is about a paper writen by Nikolaus Kriegeskorte and Katherine Storrs. I think this is the paper in question.

Some other info:

The research team @mrcslws mentioned is the Doeller Lab.

I found a paper about submillimeter fMRI voxel resolution (something @jhawkins and @FFiebig briefly discussed) here.

And the Manifold Flattening @mrcslws mentioned is probably this research by Bruno Olshausen.

This was another very fascinating and insightfull meeting. Thanks again for sharing this, Numenta.


The 2nd half of this meeting is in Seeing is Believing (Parts 1 & 2).