Numenta Research Meeting - May 6, 2020

Tentative, might actually happen Wednesday.
Moved to Wednesday.


Live now, topic is covert attention hosted by @subutai.

One of the early pioneers in the field:

Example paper linked in the wiki page:


I had what is, apparently, an anomalous reaction to “Combining multiple features”: I saw the vertical green bar almost immediately, which was not a surprise to me because of a visual game I’ve played since childhood. In this game, I’ll be looking at a wall or floor or some other surface that has a variety of features, and suggest to myself to highlight in my visual field all of a particular feature and almost instantaneously all of those features will stand out almost as if in a foreground field. So when I saw the red vertical and green horizontal bars, I almost reflexively picked the green horizontal bars to “stand out”. However, when they did, I had a distinct, almost physical, “irritation” that inexorably drew my attention to the lone vertical green bar.