Nupic/HTM for shipping target recognition

If I want to use the HTM algorithm for ship target recognition and classification, what literature can I refer to and the specific approach should be? Thank you for your answer

Hi @xxxxxc, could you describe your data more or provide an example possibly?

My data comes from images taken by drones. My task is to use the HTM algorithm to accurately identify and even classify targets such as ships or cars in remote sensing images. Do you have any good ideas?

Why do you consider using HTM for that?

Because I am interested in the HTM algorithm and would like to give it a try, is it not suitable?

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Unless something escapes me, it is probably not the best choice for image recognition.
“TM” in HTM stands for temporal memory, which means its main purpose is time series prediction.
I am aware only of an example on using HTM’s Spatial Pooler (used as an intermediate image encoder) for MNIST digit recognition with results significantly less impressive than what a relatively lightweight CNN would get.


That’s awesome, I can definitely relate and agree that the HTM alg is very worth being interested in. But I have to agree with @cezar_t that HTM probably isn’t the best choice for this purpose.

HTM really excels at learning sequential patterns, where the signal is contained in transitions over time. I think this generally isn’t true with image data, where there usually isn’t an inherent notion of time. That’s not to say there’s no way an HTM-based approach could do well, just that it isn’t the kind of scenario that HTM is well tested on.

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