NuPIC implementation in Actor Model?



I might be able to use some things there (I see the lot of detail into making it distributed, a lot of focus on specific neuron spiking/firing). Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


I wanted to do this for a while. Just made a spike. Using Erl_Interface and Pony’s C FFI it’s possible to create an Erlang C node. Current state: the API works “in principle”, which means, if the clustered Elixir thing takes off, it’d be potentially possible to offload computationally expensive work to a natively compiled node, e.g. in C. However, writing an Erlang C node even with the API + FFI is indeed a big pain.

A similar approach is already potentially possible now e.g. using wrapped into JInterface or Encon Java, but I think, the scope of an Elixir or Pony implementations is a bit different one