NuPIC Repositories

Primary Codebases

nupic.core Build Status Coverage Status Ohloh Metric

C++ core source code. Currently tied to nupic, but not for long. See C++ Core Extraction Plan for details.

nupic Build Status Coverage Status Ohloh Metric

Python language bindings and client. Currently contains some CLA algorithms. See C++ Core Extraction Plan for details.

Supporting Codebases

nupic.research Build Status

Experimental algorithms. Unsupported.

nupic.regression Build Status

Regression test suite for NuPIC Build Status Coverage Status

Server for tooling around the development process for the NuPIC project. Currently deployed to

Demo Applications

nupic.geospatial Build Status Coverage Status

NuPIC demo app for geospatial anomaly detection.

nupic.fluent Build Status Coverage Status

A platform for building language / NLP-based applications using NuPIC and CEPT.


A server-based API for interacting with nupic.fluent.


A web-based visualization and debugging platform for NuPIC.


Makes NuPIC model state available to Cerebro 2.

DavidRagazzi/ Build Status

NuPIC Studio - Virtual lab for NuPIC.


pycept Build Status Coverage Status PyPi version

Cept API client in python.

Older Repos

These might be retired soon.


Set up a machine to build and run NuPIC.


Source of technical and scientific documents related to NuPIC and the CLA.


Eggdrop IRC bot configurations.


Visualization webapp for NuPIC.