Nupic version up on Raspberry Pi

I have upgraded nupic on Raspberry Pi to 1.0.0 successfully. I know that numenta don’t support Ras but just for information, I prepared this post.

I have installed nupic 0.7 and nuipic.core 0.63 on Ras. It works fine. I have faced the following issues to upgrade it to nupic ver. 1.0.0 and nupic.core 1.0.0.

I installed nupic.core 1.0.0. I has finished without any serious errors and I have installed nupic 1.0.0 found that there are two nupic.bindings in python path.


and nupic path
/home/pi/nupic.0.7.0/src (nupic.0.7.0 is the repo in which I have installed nupic ver. 0.7.0)

Of corse this means my nupic is before upgrade.

Then I removed /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nupic.bindings-0.6.3-py2.7-linux-armv7l.egg.
And reinstall nupic 1.0.0. and got error, no nupic.bindig 1.0.0.

As the result, nupic 1.0.0 is installed and /home/pi/nupic.0.7.0/src disapears in python path. But there is no /home/pi/nupic/src.

I reinstalled nupic 1.0.0. Then, grade up has been finished.

nupic.binding install check and the nupic version check are both OK.

python -c 'import pkg_resources;n=pkg_resources.get_distribution("nupic");b=pkg_resources.get_distribution("nupic.bindings");print n.project_name, n.version;print b.project_name, b.version'

Above is for Rasberry Pi, but I am wondering how I should upgrade nupic from older versions to the latest version in general.

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