Old NuPIC basic Algo example - MAPE results?

Hi all,
I’m running the basic old NuPIC Algo tutorial from the docs:

I’m trying to use MAPE for my first time to get a baseline on prediction accuracy.

With 3000 rows of Hotgym/hourly, I’m getting about 50% MAPE. If I run all 4700 rows, it gets down to 47% MAPE.

Do these results sound about right? Thanks.

You are using the TemporalMemory algorithm for predictions, so I expect that. If you need better temporal predictions, you should use the even older BacktrackingTM.

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:+1: thanks Matt. Just wanted to make sure I’m in line.

Random note on this:
Changing the RDSE resolution value from 0.88 down to 0.4, or switching to the old regular Scalar Encoder, knocks MAPE down to a nicer 30%.

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