OPF and context

I have some questions about category(context) in OPF. Can we insert SDR , not value in Online Prediction Framework ? Maybe OPF has the internal method to change category or context ?

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No, you’ll have to construct your HTM network to do that. I’ve done in in the past by creating a SpatialPooler and a TemporalMemory and feeding it in binary arrays directly (using an external encoding process). We have examples of this here. You can replace the encoding process with anything you like.

Sorry. I didn’t finish my message. Can you answer my additional question?

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I don’t understand what you mean by this.

I have the different tasks in my project. And I want to switch them from one to another. That’s why I need some variable, which determines in which task we are.

Maybe you want to create one model per task? Or maybe you just want to use a category field to specify which task is being performed? That is doable though the OPF, just use the category as input in an additional field.

Now I am thinking about using a category field to specify which task is being performed.Do you mean, that I must create the additional field in encoder’s parameters or I can use a category field?

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Yes, that is correct, and you are welcome. Here is an example of category prediction (alone).