predictedActiveCells for TMRegion does not seem to work

I am trying to look at predictedActiveCells of TMRegion. It gives me just a bunch of zeros. My code is pretty much I am running it on a different data.

I wonder if it is implemented in the version 1.0.5.

Maybe the data you are running it on is not predicable, so it is not making any valid predictions. What does your data look like?

I am using a sine wave as input. So, it is predictable.

Even if it was unpredictable, I would expect some cells to become predictive.

Pulin Agrawal
पुलिन अग्रवाल

How are you getting predicted cells, are you calling getPredictiveCells?

I am using Network API. So, its network.regions[“TM”].getOutputData(‘predictedActiveCells’).

I am just now realizing that ‘predictedActiveCells’ could mean something different too. I was thinking it means those cells that are in the predictive active state. But, does it actually mean the cells that were predicted last time step and have now become active?

It is this one. “Predicted active cells” refer to cells that were correctly predicted.

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