Problem building (osx)

Hi guys, I’m trying to use to perform simple application.
I’d like to execute some examples but I can’t complete building tutorial.

Here: github

I’m at “build the docker image” step but when I enter this line:
[]$ docker build -t $USER/ .

console says: " invalid reference format: repository name must be lowercase"

How can I fix it?

It doesn’t look like you have a $USER environment variable set up in your OS. Are you on Windows? Quick fix is to simply change $USER to the absolute file path to

I’m on osx. I’ve also tried using absolute path instead of $USER but I have same effect

Does your username have upper case letters?

I’ve already tried to change my name without upper letters but issue remains.

My absolute path should be /Users/andrea/ but I’m not sure I can change also “Users” folder name.

If I try with /Users/andrea/ console says: invalid reference format: repository name must be lowercase

If I use $USER/ instead: “docker build” requires exactly 1 argument(s).
See ‘docker build --help’.

Usage:  docker build [OPTIONS] PATH | URL | -

Build an image from a Dockerfile

Hi @Andrea_Giordano,

May I ask why your trying to build the docker file? The reason I ask is that it’s just a “reference” build so that users could see what a successful execution of:

gradle -Pskipbench check

…would look like if executed correctly. You can’t really do anything else with it…, and it is not part of the library one would use officially in their own code. Also, it’s probably very much out of sync now… not sure.

David, maybe you should remove it from the README?

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So I’ve done when I executed:
gradle check


If yes, that command works correctly.

Matt, you’re probably right…

I’m not sure what this means? gradle check works? You should probably use

gradle -Pskipbench check

…because there’s no reason to run the benchmarks every time you build.

@cogmission ok thanks.
I misunderstood, I though was necessary follow docker steps.


An easy mistake! :slight_smile:

Using HTM.Java is much more simple than that. You just put it on your class path and that’s it! The other stuff is for setting up in Eclipse… I removed mention of the Dockerfile from the README… (@rhyolight @Andrea_Giordano)