Published Talks On Cortical Columns Yet?

Hi Guys!

I just saw this on Twitter: where the description mentioned a presentation by Jeff and Subutai on the above linked poster. The poster appears to be all about Cortical Columns, and research conducted therein - together with experiments conducted around the topic.

I’m wondering… If this has been presented to COSYNE meetings, then maybe more talks and discussion of the newer areas of investigation are available somewhere and I missed them? (@rhyolight, @cmaver, @subutai, @jhawkins)

Most relevant material currently:


Hi @cogmission,

This poster that was presented at Cosyne on Friday night is on our site as well, if you want to view or download the full pdf:



Thanks Matt & Christy…

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@cmaver and @rhyolight: Thanks for sharing this poster. Is any implementation of this experiment in python script or C++ available for testing? in nupic.research?

Well there is certainly activity in our research repo, but I don’t keep track of their day-to-day progress. You might want to look through the recent commits to find more.

@rhyolight thanks. I will take a look on it!