Regarding multistep Prediction and anomaly detection

Hi Everyone,

When u guys say the model will make multistep predictions what does it actually means will the model make prediction next second or next minutes.If i am doing a time series analysis does the next step prediction depends on the way i input my data or it by default makes a prediction next second …how does it decide the time frame for which predict has to happen.

A multistep prediction predicts what the input value will be X number of timesteps in the future. So for example, if you are encoding a value that is sampled once every second, then it will be predicting the value X number of seconds in the future. If you sample every two minutes, then it will be predicting the value 2X number of minutes in the future, etc.

Thanks man, But if my stream produces the same timestamp for two different value for two seconds …how will such type of data affect the model

Sounds like the data may not be well suited for HTM in it’s raw form. You’ll probably need to do some pre-processing to remove duplicates, average, establish a more even tempo, etc. Would need to see some sample data to be more specific though.

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