Rehasing Running NuPIC on Rapberry PI

I know the 32 bit versions are not supported, including raspberry pi running raspbian (32 bit OS). I can build both nupic.core and nupic on raspberry pi 3 without changing anything. But 17 tests fail. I think that is due to the word length.

There were active discussions on the forum last year. ARMv7l installation from source - compiling external libraries #955

It is not very clear to me if the built nupic discussed in this thread passed all the tests. This is a question to the active discussion participants of that thread,

By checking out previous versions that support the 32 bit platforms, I looked at $NUPIC_CORE/external. There were directories for linux64, linux32, linux32arm, and linux32armv7l. The way I could figure out, apr and apr-util play a big role in setting the word length, specifically apr.h/ and apu.h/ The header files are produced from .in files by running configure. Since and files are not provided, I managed to produce .in files by looking at respective .h files in the linux32armv7 directory.

I un-tared the tar ball, replaced .in files with my version, and created the tar balls for each. I then rebuilt nupic core and nupic, and ran the test but the same failures.

So my questions are:

  1. When you ran the tests, did you pass all of them? If not, how many of them failed? Even with some number of test failures, we can run some examples OK.
  2. Did you try to replace apr.h and apu.h to set the word length?
  3. What are the differences between files in linux32arm and linux32armv7l? Is linux32arm for pre-7 version? apr.h between linux32 and linux32armv7l is identical while apr.h between linux32arm and linux32armv7 has many differences.
  4. Do I have to take other files into consideration for raspbian?
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