REST interface for htm.core library, Release Announcement

The htm.core team has just added a major new feature that provides a REST interface to the htm.core library.

This is a WEB interface to the NetworkAPI feature of the htm.core library. It allows a network enabled application client to call a web server to implement an AI application. The client does not need the htm.core library installed thus avoiding license issues.

The REST feature is a set of network messages sent to the server. The server calls the NetworkAPI interface which is a set of wrappers around the core HTM algorithms written in C++. An example web server implementing this interface is included in the repository.

What you will need:

  • A machine that can run the REST server. This will run on Windows, Linux, and OSx.
  • clone or download the htm.core repository and build the htm.core library and server for the server’s target machine.
  • On the server’s machine, run the server.
  • Write a REST client (or use the examples). This can be any language on any platform that can send/receive TCP/IP messages to the server. You could use Python, C#, Go, Javascript, or even Node-Red.

The REST interface cannot access NetworkAPI Regions written in python. (This is coming)

For more details see:


This is outstanding, good job you guys!