Reviewing and closing issues in Github

This week I’m taking some time to clean up Github Issues. Because we have so many stale issues, I’m being pretty aggressive with my pruning. I am closing issues and also putting them “under review”. If you are a part of any of these issues, you’ll probably notice a lot of email notifications this week.

If I’ve closed an issue you care about, don’t panic, just re-open it so we can discuss it.

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As a part of this ticket review process, I’ll be starting some discussions about tickets here where I think it is warranted.

How will we know which ones are getting reviewed as you’re working on them?

I am using two labels to help me track things.

under-review: These ticket need something. Some of them are so old I can’t tell if they are still valid. Others need to be broken up into sub-tasks properly. Some are just confusing. They all need either the original author or a contributor to review it before I would consider it for work.

triage: These tickets are approved for work.

If a ticket does not have one of these labels, I haven’t gotten to it yet. Here’s a list of them so far:

I’ve only started on nupic.core so far, so there’s a lot more work to do.

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This is a loooooooooong process. There are over 500 issues. I’m trying to do a little bit every day, but it’s going to take awhile.

@breznak asked me not to be so aggressive about closing issues, so I’ve backed off a bit, but I’ll probably be making sure there is a difference between prioritized tickets and some kind of “backlog”. Still working that out.